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easy tool

About to do more work on this a prototype very simple bitmap paint tool designed with 2D animation in mind.

Will maybe upload when I fix the zoom/move glitch.

abc xyz: test sculpt

Approx 6x4cm

abc xyz: iphone app now available



download app

configure sculpture

email parameters

order & get 3D print sculpt

is an edition of 256 unique sculptures

app store link



abc xyz

type proj has turned into a typographic sculpture project

iphone app front end (app submitted to apple yesterday)

app shows revolving 3D render of sculpture

type in new text to see new sculpt

then from within app email & text gets sent to me

I figure how much it costs to 3D print & then if you’re up for it you can order a sculpt

is limited edition of 256 objects each with edition number physically encoded



for web mockup

app built using the awesome openFrameworks

technocasual type update

From 3D prototype in Processing, is now being developed in Xcode using openFrameworks libraries.

Processing 3D demo

Original Processing 2D demo

techno casual type machine

First Processing project, for creating bitmap type using the face you see in use at the top of this page.

Havn’t figured how to get it to work in a web page yet but you can down load source plus OS X prototype here.

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